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Dark Temple Sketches

December 31, 2015

Digital Art

Staying with environments, my next painting will be of a dark temple.  This will be good preparation for illustrating the first panel of my digital comic.

I’m starting with a few sketches where I’ve tried to let my imagination run wild.

Out of the first 6 sketches, I’ve circled one that jumped out at me:DarkTemple2_Sketches1

I tried to follow this train of thought on with another 4 sketches:DarkTemple2_Sketches2

During the last 2 sketches I had another brain wave for the last sketch where I’ve got a tower suspended in the centre: DarkTemple2_Sketches3

Time for bed now but I reckon I’ll go with the central suspended tower.


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Tried out a glazing technique where I applied acrylic paint in many translucent layers.

Over a year ago I was asked to do a painting during a church service. I failed to finish during the service so finished it off over the next year or so. Acrylics on canvas 30inches x 24inches.
#acrylicpainting #paintings #art #Christmas #baby #JesusChrist

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