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New Link Added: ComixTribe

February 14, 2016

Comics, Writing

I’ve just added a link from this site to ComixTribe.

For many months now I have been studying the articles on this site to learn more about creating comics.  There is a wealth of information on here for all comics creators.

There is even a section where you can submit your own comic script for a free review by industry professionals.  Be warned though, this is not for the faint hearted, these guys don’t sugar coat stuff!

I have even used this service myself for my Project ADC-1 script V3.  You can read the review here.  It has definitely given me a few pointers for the next draft.


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Over a year ago I was asked to do a painting during a church service. I failed to finish during the service so finished it off over the next year or so. Acrylics on canvas 30inches x 24inches.
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