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Month: August 2016

Warrior Acolyte Of Mymosule

August 27, 2016

Comics, Digital Art

This guy is one of the baddies from my comic project. A big impassive henchman type.


Captain Mothstorm Script Page 1

August 14, 2016

Comics, Writing

OK so this script has been through TPG twice and I have just gotten round to re-working page 1 after the last round of critiques. My main concern is the dialogue now. The setting is on another world so I originally tried medieval type speech but I think I over did it so I have toned that down. I have…


Perspective Distortion

August 9, 2016

Digital Art

When I was doing a drawing of a figure in perspective the other day I got to wondering why some perspective drawings are more distorted than others. For example if you take a photo of your head from really close up, your nose appears really big and your ears appear really small and pinned back. To better understand this I…


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