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Digital Comics: A Definition

What is a digital comic?  After a bit of rooting around on the internet I have had a go at answering this question in as few words as possible, please feel free to agree or disagree:

A digital comic is a comic that is primarily viewed on an electronic device.

This includes:

  1. Webcomics – comics viewed through a web browser, usually online.
  2. eComics – comics that are not viewed through a web browser e.g. comics downloaded as pdf files, cbr files or cbz files etc …

Wikipedia’s current definition talks about a digital comic also being any comic that has been created using a computer.  My personal view is to discount this part of the definition.  Most of today’s printed books would have been created using a computer, but once the words are on paper, we call them books rather than digital books or ebooks.


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  2. elitefire

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