Project ADC-1: 30 July 2015


Project ADC-1 update.  Since the last project update I’ve been switching between different tasks on my Digital Comics Workflow:

  1. Idea Brainstorming:  –
  2. Character Design:  Partially filled in a character profile for all of my characters – there are 7 so far.
  3. High Level Plot:  –
  4. Script:  Got to page 4 (out of 20) of my first draft.
  5. Concept Art:  Completed a head concept painting of my main protagonist.
  6. Storyboard:  –
  7. Full Art:  –
  8. Lettering:  Created my first word balloon in Manga Studio.
  9. Package As .cbz:  Made my first cbz file using 7-Zip.
  10. Testing:  –
  11. Publishing:  Created a Selz account a few weeks ago and uploaded a test image file.

Page Added: Character Profile Template

I’ve just added a Character Profile Template page in the Writing section.  I designed this template specifically for use with comics so it has a number of visual elements.  If you find this useful, please feel free to copy and paste 🙂

Digital Comics Workflow

The research I have done to date on creating and self publishing digital comics (specifically eComics) has led me to put together a Digital Comics Workflow which I have defined here.  I will keep this workflow updated to reflect my latest learnings as I stumble along the way.

Fictional World Map V3.4

I’ve done some more work on this map:

  1. Added a Neon Glow around some of the continent names to improve readability.
  2. Added a grid.
  3. Added a scale.
  4. Added a border.
  5. Added the world name: Undomea.

This is the world that my first digital comic (eComic) will be set in.  And yes, the oceans are going to be purple!


Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 1B

Project ADC-1 Concept Art.  I’ve blocked in the colours for the Benevolen concept.  In Manga Studio, I started with the brush tool and then found that the pen tool lays down colour more evenly – which is what I wanted for blocking in.


Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 1

OK here’s a character concept sketch of the main protagonist in my digital comic.  Using a reference photo, I worked in Manga Studio 5 with a Wacom graphics tablet.  This represents around 40 minutes of sketching for me.


Project ADC-1: 20 July 2015


I’ve been character designing and expanding on my digital comic plot which currently consists of a text file of 455 words.  Originally I’d estimated 1 hour for plotting, I’ve spent 6 hours on it already but I reckon I’m about done with the high level plotting now.

One thing that I found really helpful during structuring my plot was Tim Stout’s article on Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet.  I didn’t stick to it religiously but instead used it as a rough guide.  Thanks to my mate John for the tip-off 🙂

Like the geek I am, I have updated my digital comic project dashboard with my progress this last week.