A Quick Concept Sketch Of A Dark Acolyte

Here’s a quick concept sketch of one of the Dark Acolytes from my digital comic.

Done in Gimp.

He’s shaven headed except for that pony tail.

He’s wearing a long leather coat.

He’s got a big ‘M’ tattooed onto his face.

Box Modelling A Human Figure In Blender Experiment 1

I am now working on a concept picture of a Dark Acolyte Of Mymosule from my digital comic project.

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Adding Tarnish with Blender Vertex Painting

Some of my mates suggested I tarnish my logo a little since that would be more steampunky so I wondered about using Vertex Painting in Blender.

This Blender Manual page on Vertex Painting gave me a good overview but I also found out that for vertex painting to be most effective, I had to have a lot of vertices.

It was no good having a really simple mesh like the one I started out with so I had to subdivide my mesh a fair bit.

Vertex Painting is awesome though!  It allows you to paint directly onto your 3D mesh – a very natural way to add colour to your 3D models.

Vertex Painting in Blender
Vertex Painting in Blender

Now my logo has a nice bit of tarnishing:

Tarnished Steampunk Logo
Tarnished Steampunk Logo