Logo Design V1

Logo Design V1
Logo Design V1

Here’s my first attempt at a logo for this website.

It was done in Blender by first constructing a 2D shape and then extruding it upwards to give it thickness.

I like the shape but am not sure about the texture.  I’m after something more … “clockworky”.  Maybe some-kind of a cogwheel bumpmap …

Project ADC-1: 09 October 2015


After pondering my priorities for this project, I have moved the goal posts on myself and decided that no-longer will Timescales be the over-riding priority.

Instead Quality will be the over-riding priority.

The reason is that I am enjoying the journey as much as the thought of the end-goal so I want to continue to take the time to explore interesting avenues as I find them.

My Make A Steampunk eComic Dashboard page has been updated accordingly.

Tasks completed over the last 2 weeks:

  1. Dark Temple of Mymosule concept art (4 hrs).
  2. Design an Artloader logo for this website (Started 2 hrs).

Tasks planned for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Design an Artloader logo for this website (2 hrs).
  2. Dark Acolyte Of Mymosule concept art by painting over a 3D render (10 hrs).

Dark Temple Concept Art V1

Dark Temple Concept V1
Dark Temple Concept V1

Here is a concept picture of The Dark Temple Of Mymosule from my upcoming digital comic.

In Manga Studio, I imported the planetary rings render I did from Blender and added a bunch of digitally painted layers:

  1. A cloud layer.
  2. A background mountains layer.
  3. A layer for the Dark Temple Of Mymosule.
  4. A mid-ground mist layer.
  5. A foreground cliff layer.

I’m not sure the temple really looks like a temple so I will do a bit more research into dark temples and maybe do a 3D model to get my head around it all.

Planetary Rings View From The Ground

Planetary Rings Ground View
Planetary Rings Ground View

Using the 3D model from experiment 4, in Blender I moved my camera down to the planet surface and pointed it up at the rings.  This is the resulting render.

I will now paint on top of this in Manga Studio to create a concept image of the Dark Temple Of Mymosule from my digital comic project.

Making Planetary Rings In Blender Experiment 4

After studying some reference photos, I played about with the planetary ring texture a little more in Blender.

Also, the sun is now shining from the lower left and has a bit of a red tinge to suggest a sunset.

I then scaled the whole model up by roughly a factor of ten because I will then locate a camera on the planet surface and take a render with the rings coming down from the sky to the horizon.

Hopefully I can use the render as a background for a digital painting of the Dark Temple Of Mymosule.

Planetary Rings In Blender 6
Planetary Rings In Blender 6