Steampunk Soldier Digital Painting of Captain Atonis Trogade

Captain Atonis Trogade Digital Painting
Captain Atonis Trogade Digital Painting

This is a steampunk soldier digital painting in Gimp of Atonis Trogade, a Captain of the Suborean Guard and one of the characters from my digital comic project.  I’m not sure how steampunky this is though, I’d love to know what you think.

Here was my process.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper of Umia Yulon

Desktop Wallpaper Umia Yulon
Desktop Wallpaper Umia Yulon

I’ve just added a Free Desktop Wallpaper of Umia to my wallpapers section.

The darker muted colours should hopefully be easier on the eye over extended periods of computer use.

Project ADC-1: 20 November 2015


My digital comic project has been bubbling along over the last 4 weeks while I’ve been trying to improve my art skills.

Tasks completed over the last 4 weeks:

  1. Website logo.
  2. Dark Acolyte concept art
  3. Umia Yulon concept art.
  4. Comic Book Script V3.

Tasks to be completed over the next 4 weeks:

  1. Atonis Trogade concept art.
  2. Steampunk helmet concept art.
  3. Steampunk pistol concept art.
  4. Green moth concept art.

Project ADC-1 Comic Book Script V3

This is version 3 of the comic book script for my digital comic project.  I’ve taken out the bit about rescuing the hedgehogs and also added some telepathic dialogue between Benevolen and his moths.

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Steampunk Girl Digital Painting

Umia Yulon Steampunk Girl
Umia Yulon Steampunk Girl

This is another character concept from my digital comic project.

Her name is Umia Yulon and she is a steampunk girl from the forest nation of Suborea.

She took me around 6 hours to paint in Gimp plus 1 hour of surfing around for reference images.

Glass Marble Digital Painting

Glass Marble
Glass Marble

I’ve been following some more tutorials from  Matt’s tutorials are in Photoshop, but the principles are universal so I have been able to follow them in Gimp.

This one is about painting a glass marble.

I particularly love the coloured refracted light patch in the middle of the shadow, it really makes it magical.

Dark Acolyte Concept Digital Painting

Here’s a dark acolyte digital painting using Gimp.

I’ve been using some of the techniques I’ve learned from

These techniques were:

  1. Painting outside of the lines and then erasing back (
  2. Using more layers when painting.
  3. Using the Free Select tool to limit the area affected by the paint brush (check out the M tattoo on his face).

Link Added: Ctrl+Paint

The most efficient method of learning something is to sit at the feet of masters and soak up their instruction.  Failing that you could try finding a good educational website. is an awesome website and provides just about the best set of free digital painting video tutorials I have found to date.

It is run by a guy called Matt Kohr who is in my opinion a Jedi Master of the Digital Art world.

The short (5 mins approx.) videos are well thought out and clearly presented.

I am currently working my way through the huge list of these tutorials and they are pure gold.

I have added links to to my Cool Links menu on the left and also to my Links page.  If you want to super-charge your digital art skills, hop on over and power-up!