Dark Temple Sketches

Staying with environments, my next painting will be of a dark temple.  This will be good preparation for illustrating the first panel of my digital comic.

I’m starting with a few sketches where I’ve tried to let my imagination run wild.

Out of the first 6 sketches, I’ve circled one that jumped out at me:DarkTemple2_Sketches1

I tried to follow this train of thought on with another 4 sketches:DarkTemple2_Sketches2

During the last 2 sketches I had another brain wave for the last sketch where I’ve got a tower suspended in the centre: DarkTemple2_Sketches3

Time for bed now but I reckon I’ll go with the central suspended tower.


Free Desktop Wallpaper Of Atonis Trogade

Atonis Wallpaper
Atonis Wallpaper

I’ve just uploaded a desktop wallpaper of Atonis to my Desktop Wallpaper page.

To avoid screen clutter, I try to keep the background on these images nice and simple.

Please help yourselves, I would be honoured if any of you end up using these as your wallpapers.

Stone Building Digital Painting In Gimp

Stone Building Digital Painting
Stone Building Digital Painting

Here’s that stone building digital painting completed in Gimp.  I learned a few things about painting stonework in this one.

I’ve described my bumbling digital painting process below:

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Stone Building Digital Painting – Work In Progress 1


This stone building digital painting in Gimp is still a work in progress.

I’m trying to improve my skills at painting environments with stone buildings.  Very useful for doing fantastical castles and the like.

Anyway this will be my last post before Christmas so Merry Christmas everyone!

Sandstone Ruins Digital Painting In Gimp

Sandstone Ruins Digital Painting
Sandstone Ruins Digital Painting

I’ve been trying to level-up my environment painting skills with this digital painting of some sandstone ruins.

The process I followed was built upon the small canvas approach I experimented with during my last post.

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Small Canvas Digital Painting – Experiment 1

Small Canvas Misty Mountains 1
Small Canvas Misty Mountains

I’ve been meaning to boost my environment painting skills for a while now, so I thought I’d surf around for some tutorials on the subject.

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Project ADC-1: 19 December 2015

My digital comic project has slowed down over the last 4 weeks since I realised I needed more sleep than I was getting.  It’s about finding a good balance.  I guess sometimes if you want to get to the finish line, you have to slow down a bit.

Tasks completed over the last 4 weeks:

  1. Atonis Trogade concept art.
  2. Steampunk helmet concept art.

Tasks to be completed over the next 4 weeks:

  1. Dark Temple concept art.
  2. Steampunk pistol concept art.
  3. Green moth concept art.

Steampunk Helmet Digital Painting

Steampunk Helmet
Steampunk Helmet

This is a steampunk helmet digital painting done in Gimp.  It is the Standard Issue Suborean Guard Combat Helmet as worn by Sylen Benevolen and Atonis Trogade from my digital comic project.

I experimented again with a different art process which I will try to describe below.

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