New Link Added: Crimson Daggers Art Forum

I’ve added a new entry to my Links page and to the Cool Links menu on the left.

The Crimson Daggers Art Forum is home to an online community of artists from all walks of life but with one thing in common:  They all want to improve their art skills.  If you are serious about getting better at art, then you will find this corner of the internet a truly inspirational place.  If you feel like you’d like to join then you can either use my referral link (I don’t think I benefit in any way other than they know it was me who sent you there):  // or you can just head over under your own steam to

Skeleton Tracing Anatomy Study

May is my month for levelling up my anatomy skills so I’ve been trying out various art study techniques.

This technique involves doing a figure sketch from a photo and then afterwards, sketching in the skeleton.  Where my memory get’s a bit patchy I go and look it up.  The pelvis is always a bit tricky.

Skeleton Tracing

Dark Acolyte-Warrior Part 1

I’ve been doing a load of anatomy studies this week and to cement my learning, I’m designing a Dark Acolyte-Warrior Of Mymosule for my digital comic project.

He’s supposed to be an elite warrior type.