Male Torso Values Study

I recently found this article about thumbnailing using values:

It got me experimenting with my painting process.  Here’s a male torso study using the process from the Muddy Colors link above.


Captain Mothstorm: Freefall – Part 4

Here are the tonal values.  I’ve learned that it’s easier to work in greyscale first and then add colour later.

I flipped the image for a while to keep my mind fresh.


Captain Mothstorm: Freefall – Part 2

Part 2 of my Captain Mothstorm illustration.  I picked a composition from the thumbnails I did previously and then did a quick 3D model of the scene in Blender.  This should help me get the perspective right.


Project ADC-1 Character Profile Sheet V4

I’ve updated the character profiles for my digital comic project again.  Basically, I’ve given the moths some funky mind powers!

Sylen Benevolen V3

First name: Sylen
Middle names:
Family name: Benevolen
Height: 184cm
Weight: 80kg
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