Project JKF-1: Cold Black Heart Internal Illustration

Here’s the internal greyscale illustration for John Fulton‘s short story “Cold Black Heart”:

This painting along with John’s evocative short story can be found in our book: Under the Mountain and Other Stories.

Here are some in process shots:

The first layout had the van to near to the girl:

So I re-did some of the perspective work: 

Added more detail relying heavily on reference images: 

Then I started painting, from back to front and keeping less contrast in the background elements and more contrast in the foreground elements: 

Drawing attention to the van by making it ligher than it’s surroundings: 


Final result: 

2 thoughts on “Project JKF-1: Cold Black Heart Internal Illustration”

  1. I love the mood in this one and I particularly like how well you have painted the girl’s jacket. I have big problems with clothing. I think I should use more reference than I do.

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