Project JKF-1: The View From The Window Cover

This is another book cover for my project with John Fulton.  John’s short story is called “The View From The Window”.

This time I wanted to tweak my process a bit by taking more time with the construction early on.  It also gave me a chance to get to grips with the perspective ruler feature in Clip Studio Paint (which I really liked as it turns out).

Here’s the initial construction from basic forms:

Here’s the full line drawing:


The colour block-in phase:


And the low res final version:

I think for the next piece I will push for a bigger contrast in brightness values right from the paint block-in phase.  Maybe something like 20% to 80% right from the beginning.  Then I can push to 5% and 95% for the final bells and whistles.

I am pleased with the tighter construction approach, as it gave this piece a solid foundation.  I will be keeping this tweak to my process.

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