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Comics Section Added

I’ve just added a Comics section to this website.  Some day I hope to have my own digital comics available here but for now I will just be reviewing graphic novels and comics.

I have also included an affiliate link to an online comic book shop:  The Forbidden Planet.  This was a shop that I used to visit back in my student days so holds fond memories for me.

Fictional World Map Tectonic Plates

My new pals at Gimp Chat gave some valuable feedback about the location of my mountains – they are rarely at the centre of land masses and should be determined by the location of tectonic plates.

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and decided where my tectonic plates are going to be:


I can now see where my mountains should go 🙂

Fictional World Map Prototype Using GIMP

I have been tinkering about in GIMP trying to create a World Map for my digital comic.

The settings I have played about with are:

  1. Gaussian Blur to create greyscale image layers that will then be fed into the GIMP Bump Mapping tool.
  2. The GIMP Bump Mapping tool.

Anyway after 3 hours of pottering about on the laptop this is what I have:



Next I’m going to tweak the top ridges on the mountains and also add some text.


Plotting My Digital Comic In 1 Hour

One of my eventual aims with this website is to complete a digital comic and distribute it online.  However, I am still only in the planning stages.  I have been for several years!

Searching for inspiration to help me get past the planning stages, I found an article by an author called M. D. Lachlan entitled “Plot your novel in an hour!

The whole article is excellent in my opinion, but the main point for me is that I must tell myself:  It’s going to be rubbish!

Taking this approach I completed a draft plot in about 15 minutes!  It very probably is rubbish but it felt good to complete a task.

I reckon this technique will also work for my digital painting.  Thinking back, that is how I completed this digital painting in round about 4 hours.


It’s not a perfect reproduction of the reference image I used, but it’s done.

Now that I’ve got a basic plot I’m going to draw a map of the fictional world – it’s going to be rubbish but it should be done by this time next week 🙂


Wacom Intuos3 Graphics Tablet Setup

I’ve been thinking of transitioning from painting with a mouse to a graphics tablet for a while now so I’ve just borrowed my brothers 6 x 8 inch graphics tablet 🙂

It’s a serious bit of kit and originally cost probably 4 times what I was intending to spend on a graphics tablet myself.  Only problem was he’d lost the CD so I had to download the drivers off the internet.

I’ve written an article about the process in case anyone else has the same problem:  Setting Up A Wacom Intuos3 Without The CD.

Now I can get on and see what all the fuss is about with graphics tablets …

Steampunk Elf

Steampunk Elf
Steampunk Elf
  • Software:  Blender, Gimp
  • Hardware:  15.3 inch Intel Celeron 2.13GHz laptop, optical mouse
  • Process:  Background and base humanoid shape rendered in Blender and then the man was painted on using Gimp.

Hello world!

Hello, welcome to  A hobbyist website dedicated to digital art, writing and comics.

My name is Anh Diep.  I’m a software tester by day but at night I tinker about with the aforementioned pursuits.

Please feel free to have a look around and post a comment or two 🙂