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Wacom Intuos3 Graphics Tablet Setup

I’ve been thinking of transitioning from painting with a mouse to a graphics tablet for a while now so I’ve just borrowed my brothers 6 x 8 inch graphics tablet ūüôā

It’s a serious bit of kit and originally cost probably 4 times what I was intending to spend on a graphics tablet myself.¬† Only problem was he’d lost the CD so I had to download the drivers off the internet.

I’ve written an article about the process in case anyone else has the same problem:¬† Setting Up A Wacom Intuos3 Without The CD.

Now I can get on and see what all the fuss is about with graphics tablets …

Steampunk Elf

Steampunk Elf
Steampunk Elf
  • Software: ¬†Blender, Gimp
  • Hardware: ¬†15.3 inch Intel Celeron 2.13GHz laptop, optical mouse
  • Process:¬† Background and base humanoid shape rendered in Blender and then the man was painted on using Gimp.