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Écorché Painting Of The Back Muscles

So I’ve been getting back to anatomy study with this écorché painting of the back muscles.


Écorché paintings are where you try to paint the arrangement of the muscles beneath the skin.

They’re a bit painstaking as you have to research each muscle as you paint them (unless you already know them inside out – which I don’t).

Anatomy Art Study: Shoulder Muscles

I’m still trying to improve my anatomy drawing.

I’ve found that if I learn where muscles start and end, I feel more confident drawing them.

Here is a study of three of the muscles at the back of the shoulder:  the Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Teres Major.


Dark Acolyte-Warrior Part 1

I’ve been doing a load of anatomy studies this week and to cement my learning, I’m designing a Dark Acolyte-Warrior Of Mymosule for my digital comic project.

He’s supposed to be an elite warrior type.