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Adding Tarnish with Blender Vertex Painting

Some of my mates suggested I tarnish my logo a little since that would be more steampunky so I wondered about using Vertex Painting in Blender.

This Blender Manual page on Vertex Painting gave me a good overview but I also found out that for vertex painting to be most effective, I had to have a lot of vertices.

It was no good having a really simple mesh like the one I started out with so I had to subdivide my mesh a fair bit.

Vertex Painting is awesome though!  It allows you to paint directly onto your 3D mesh – a very natural way to add colour to your 3D models.

Vertex Painting in Blender
Vertex Painting in Blender

Now my logo has a nice bit of tarnishing:

Tarnished Steampunk Logo
Tarnished Steampunk Logo

Dark Temple Concept Art V1

Dark Temple Concept V1
Dark Temple Concept V1

Here is a concept picture of The Dark Temple Of Mymosule from my upcoming digital comic.

In Manga Studio, I imported the planetary rings render I did from Blender and added a bunch of digitally painted layers:

  1. A cloud layer.
  2. A background mountains layer.
  3. A layer for the Dark Temple Of Mymosule.
  4. A mid-ground mist layer.
  5. A foreground cliff layer.

I’m not sure the temple really looks like a temple so I will do a bit more research into dark temples and maybe do a 3D model to get my head around it all.

Making Planetary Rings In Blender Experiment 4

After studying some reference photos, I played about with the planetary ring texture a little more in Blender.

Also, the sun is now shining from the lower left and has a bit of a red tinge to suggest a sunset.

I then scaled the whole model up by roughly a factor of ten because I will then locate a camera on the planet surface and take a render with the rings coming down from the sky to the horizon.

Hopefully I can use the render as a background for a digital painting of the Dark Temple Of Mymosule.

Planetary Rings In Blender 6
Planetary Rings In Blender 6

Making Planetary Rings In Blender Experiment 3

OK so I decided to use the colour ramp method from Experiment 2 and put together a simple scene with a marble textured planet.

The rings are actually made from a single disc, it’s the colour ramp texture that makes it appear as multiple rings.  Colour ramps allow you to specify transparent areas so I’ve just got a single ring with some transparent areas on it.

I then followed Reaping Fire’s YouTube tutorial on making a star field.

Here’s the result of my Making Planetary Rings In Blender Experiment 3:

Planetary Rings In Blender 5
Planetary Rings In Blender 5

Making Planetary Rings In Blender Experiment 2

Continuing from my Blender planetary ring experiments with the Wood texture type yesterday, I thought I’d try out the Blend texture type.

I created a ring mesh by extrude-scaling a circle.

It took me ages to understand the different Blend texture parameters but I’ve found the following settings yield good ring-like patterns:

  • Progression = Spherical
  • Mapping – Coordinates = Object (choose itself)
  • Mapping – Projection = doesn’t matter

I then had to play about with the Mapping – Size X and Y values.

After that I made a concerted effort to finally learn how to use the Blender Colour Ramps (they’re flippin difficult to understand to begin with but once you learn how to use them, they’ll help you to world domination!)

So here’s the result of tonight’s experiment:

Planetary Rings In Blender 3
Planetary Rings In Blender 3