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Submission To Crimson Crucible 6: Spiderborn And Ravenred

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on a submission to an art challenge called The Crimson Crucible.

Specifically, Crimson Crucible 6: Halloween Companions.

The brief was basically to design two Halloween themed companions, one had to be humanoid and the other, non-humanoid.

I used my comic project and picked out a couple of the supporting characters to flesh out in this challenge.

Spiderborn is one of the Acolytes Of Mymosule and Ravenred is his flying steed, a giant raven.  I gave Spiderborn a mutant spider arm :).

I did not expect to win and indeed I came nowhere close but it was a very useful experience:

  • I had to do studies on subjects that I would not have otherwise studied.
  • It highlighted some gaps in my skills – namely I’m no good at environments. ¬†Although to be fair I had to rush the environment to meet the deadline.
  • I began studying environments and found a great free online course which I will dip in and out of over the next year or so.
  • I had a go at using a tilted horizon line and really liked the result.

But most of all, it was great fun :).