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Digital Comic Panel Layout

A while ago I tried reading digital comics on my 3.5 inch mobile phone and found the experience to be less than satisfactory.  Even Comixology’s Guided View technology did little to improve the experience.

That got me thinking about designing a digital comic panel layout.  So what makes a good digital comic panel layout?

I did a bit of surfing around and stumbled upon this useful article on Tapastic:


After studying the above article and mulling over my mobile phone experience, here’s my take on what makes a good digital comic panel layout:

  1. The panel being viewed should fit entirely on the screen.
  2. Vertical page scrolling is preferred.
  3. For smaller mobile devices, people will probably use landscape orientation so landscape panels will work better here.
  4. Horizontal scrolling should be avoided.

So the design I came up with is just to have a column of 3 full width panels which is in line with the above list and you don’t end up with panels that are too squat.

eComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 2B

More eComic Concept Art.  I’m doing a full length concept of Sylen Benevolen now but I’m having a real battle with his legs.  I’ve redrawn them about 4 times, hence the time spent is now at 3 hours for this.


Project ADC-1: 14 August 2015


Project ADC-1 update.   After analyzing the project metrics, I’ve realised that as things stand, I will over-run by about a year!   Therefore, I have made a major project adjustment and cut down the scope of the story to just cover the first act.   After all this I’ll still miss my deadline by a couple of weeks so I’ll have to come up with another plan to catch up.

Work Completed During The Last 2 Weeks:

  1. Idea Brainstorming:  –
  2. Character Design:  Arbitrary updates to the character profiles and posted on the Project Page.
  3. High Level Plot:  –
  4. Script:  Completed the first draft for the 8 page prologue.
  5. Concept Art:  Started a second concept painting of Sylen Benevolen (3 hrs so far).
  6. Storyboard:  –
  7. Full Art:  –
  8. Lettering:  –
  9. Package As .cbz:  –
  10. Testing:  –
  11. Publishing:  –

Work Planned For The Next 2 Weeks:

  1. Idea Brainstorming:  –
  2. Character Design:  –
  3. High Level Plot:  –
  4. Script: 
  5. Concept Art: 
    1. Sylen Benevolen Painting 2
    2. Iyeon The Winged Panther
    3. Castle Ruins
  6. Storyboard:  –
  7. Full Art:  –
  8. Lettering:  –
  9. Package As .cbz:  –
  10. Testing:  –
  11. Publishing:  Integrate Selz as an eShop on this website and make a dummy .cbz available as a free download.


Project ADC-1: 30 July 2015


Project ADC-1 update.  Since the last project update I’ve been switching between different tasks on my Digital Comics Workflow:

  1. Idea Brainstorming:  –
  2. Character Design:  Partially filled in a character profile for all of my characters – there are 7 so far.
  3. High Level Plot:  –
  4. Script:  Got to page 4 (out of 20) of my first draft.
  5. Concept Art:  Completed a head concept painting of my main protagonist.
  6. Storyboard:  –
  7. Full Art:  –
  8. Lettering:  Created my first word balloon in Manga Studio.
  9. Package As .cbz:  Made my first cbz file using 7-Zip.
  10. Testing:  –
  11. Publishing:  Created a Selz account a few weeks ago and uploaded a test image file.

Digital Comics Workflow

The research I have done to date on creating and self publishing digital comics (specifically eComics) has led me to put together a Digital Comics Workflow which I have defined here.  I will keep this workflow updated to reflect my latest learnings as I stumble along the way.

Project ADC-1: 20 July 2015


I’ve been character designing and expanding on my digital comic plot which currently consists of a text file of 455 words.  Originally I’d estimated 1 hour for plotting, I’ve spent 6 hours on it already but I reckon I’m about done with the high level plotting now.

One thing that I found really helpful during structuring my plot was Tim Stout’s article on Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet.  I didn’t stick to it religiously but instead used it as a rough guide.  Thanks to my mate John for the tip-off 🙂

Like the geek I am, I have updated my digital comic project dashboard with my progress this last week.

Project ADC-1: 14 July 2015

I’m still in the early stages of my digital comic project and I’ve already had to lower my sites from making a 30 page comic to a 20 page one.  Timescale is the overriding factor here.

Most of the work has been done inside my head so far:

  • Idea Brainstorming in my car to and from work.
  • Drawing up a Character Design Template.
  • Character Design in my car to and from work.
  • Plotting in my car to and from work.

I’ve updated my digital comic project dashboard here.


Project Code: ADC-1 + Digital Comics Workflow

I’m a great one for coming up with ideas but then never finishing them.  So I’m throwing down the gauntlet to myself this year *KA-TUK* (that’s what a gauntlet throwdown sounds like) with my so called Project Code: ADC-1.

Note: ADC stands for Artloader Digital Comic – my attempt to sound mysterious (I’m a bit nutty – what can I say?  And no – I’ve not been drinking).

In order to give myself a bit of structure as I create my digital comics, I have put together a little Digital Comics Workflow.  It’s always good to have a defined process – whether you follow it or not is another matter.

Digital Comics Tools

Tonight I’ve just published a page listing the digital comics tools that I’ve stumbled upon.  This list covers the whole process from creating digital comics to viewing them and finally selling them online.  I aim to keep this updated as I discover more.