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My ADC-1 Comic Book Script V4 – Dissected At ComixTribe

I resubmitted the 4th iteration of my comic book script to the guys at ComixTribe and as expected, it came back with some areas for improvement.

I highly recommend this free service as personally I am learning loads from following the weekly critiques.

Time for me to digest and improve.

You can read the article on ComixTribe here.

And follow the discussion on the Digital Webbing Forum here.

Project ADC-1 Comicbook Script

The Comicbook Script for Project ADC-1 is also now up in the Project Deliverables section.  This is my first attempt at a comicbook script.  I did do a bit of research on how to do this properly but I have also posted this on Digital Webbing Forums to see if I get any critique that will steer me along the right track.

Link Added: Digital Webbing Forums

For some weeks now I’ve been a member of Digital Webbing Forums – a community dedicated to creating comics.  For me it is a gold mine of information and valuable feedback.  I have added it to my Links page.