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eComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 2D

Further progress on my eComic Concept Art in Manga Studio.  I reckon I’ve finished the line work now, next will come the flat colours.

EComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen Version 2D
Sylen Benevolen Concept 2

Fictional World Map V3.4

I’ve done some more work on this map:

  1. Added a Neon Glow around some of the continent names to improve readability.
  2. Added a grid.
  3. Added a scale.
  4. Added a border.
  5. Added the world name: Undomea.

This is the world that my first digital comic (eComic) will be set in.  And yes, the oceans are going to be purple!


Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 1B

Project ADC-1 Concept Art.  I’ve blocked in the colours for the Benevolen concept.  In Manga Studio, I started with the brush tool and then found that the pen tool lays down colour more evenly – which is what I wanted for blocking in.


Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 1

OK here’s a character concept sketch of the main protagonist in my digital comic.  Using a reference photo, I worked in Manga Studio 5 with a Wacom graphics tablet.  This represents around 40 minutes of sketching for me.


Just Bought Manga Studio 5!

For a while now I’ve been aware of Manga Studio – a digital art package that seemed to be more geared towards comics creation than other art packages.  I’d even made a mental note to download the trial version and give it a go.  However the other day, a friend of mine told me that it was currently on sale with a whopping 70% off the list price!

Anyway I’m now sitting here having just bought the digital download and installed it 🙂

I’ve given it a quick test drive and initial results are exciting!  The pressure sensitivity feels really good, the tools I’ve tried give such a beautifully natural result, especially the paint brush – I love the way it smears your colours as if your brush were really running over wet paint – fantastic!  That’s £12 well spent right there 🙂  Can’t wait to try more.

Digital Painting Saturday 11th July 2015

I carried on with the painting I started on Thursday.  I can’t really call this a speed painting any more because the total time spent on it is now around 2 hours.  I’m struggling with his face a bit – the bridge of his nose it too prominent – I think I need to practice on a few more reference photos.  On the upside I found a better Gimp setting for the Wacom tablet – I have better pressure sensitivity now 🙂