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Project JKF-1: Cold Black Heart Internal Illustration

Here’s the internal greyscale illustration for John Fulton‘s short story “Cold Black Heart”:

This painting along with John’s evocative short story can be found in our book: Under the Mountain and Other Stories.

Here are some in process shots:

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Micro Fiction: Umia Yulon Audio Journal 1

In an attempt to flesh out my comic book characters a bit more I’m going to write some quick micro fiction about them.

This piece is supposed to be an audio journal entry from Umia as she is out riding on Torina, her winged panther.

The Audio Journal Of Lady Umia Yulon

Date: Wutanday 17th Ortumum 7117

Time: 06:13 hours

“The sun rise is breath taking this morning.  I’m taking Torina out for our morning flight. “

“It’s silly but I’ve often dreamed of going all the way up through the atmosphere and touching those planetary rings above us.  Beautiful.”

“Anyway enough nonsense, back to the interval training.”

“We’ll warm up for another 10 minutes and then do the first sprint.”

“Wait … what was that?” 

“Someone’s shooting!”


“They’re coming for us Torina!  Fly like the wind girl!”


“No no no no!”