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Basalt Island Digital Painting Study Part 2


I’ve added more detail to my basalt island study.

I tried different techniques to getting in the myriad imperfections on the rock face – from using a textured brush to putting on each imperfection one stroke at a time.

I found that putting on one stroke at a time gave more realistic results but was really time consuming!

Basalt Island Digital Painting Study Part 1

I wanted to learn how to paint basalt so I’m doing a basalt island study using this photo from Getty Images as a reference.

I am deliberately not using the eye dropper tool to sample colours from the photo reference but instead I’m practicing guessing the colours myself.

  1. Using the trick of starting out on a small canvas, first I painted the sky: BasaltIsland1
  2. Then I blocked-in the water: BasaltIsland2
  3. Then the basalt island: BasaltIsland3
  4. At this point I viewed the image in grayscale to check the values (brightness) of the various components: BasaltIsland4_ValueCheck
  5. This looked OK to me so I scaled the image up by 300% and started painting in more detail: BasaltIsland5_Scaled300pcent

I’m determined to be in bed by 11pm so I’m signing off now.