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Submission to CHOW Down #1: Princess Tronica Vin

I’m taking part in another challenge on the Crimson Daggers Art Forum called CHOW Down (CHOW stands for Character Of The Week).

I managed to get it finished just before Christmas as I will be out of action busy eating and being merry over the next few days!

“On the broken world of Dustryon, Princess Tronica Vin is heir to the throne of Vangaia and is a technological genius but she is easily bored.  To get her kicks she takes to the streets of her crime ridden kingdom and indulges in a bit of vigilantism.  Armed with a chainsword of her own design she has taken down some heavy duty baddies already.  What will she do next?”


Here are some work in progress shots:

chainswordprincess1 chainswordprincess2 chainswordprincess5 chainswordprincess8 chainswordprincess9 chainswordprincess10

Process For Painting The Human Figure 3

I’m still messing about with my figure painting process.

This time I tried combining the gesture and silhouette steps.  I think that worked well.

Step 3 was a bit of a dog’s dinner this time though.  I tried adding in the darkest darks at this point but perhaps what I should have done is gone for adding big shadow shapes at this point.  The darkest darks could then have been added within the boundaries of the big shadows.


Skeleton Tracing Anatomy Study

May is my month for levelling up my anatomy skills so I’ve been trying out various art study techniques.

This technique involves doing a figure sketch from a photo and then afterwards, sketching in the skeleton.  Where my memory get’s a bit patchy I go and look it up.  The pelvis is always a bit tricky.

Skeleton Tracing

Dark Acolyte-Warrior Part 1

I’ve been doing a load of anatomy studies this week and to cement my learning, I’m designing a Dark Acolyte-Warrior Of Mymosule for my digital comic project.

He’s supposed to be an elite warrior type.



Female Face Digital Painting Study With Two Light Sources

I’ve been studying the incredible art of Fenghua Zhong.  One of the things that I’ve learned is that he uses multiple light sources in his scenes.

Here’s a female face study where I’ve attempted multiple light sources.  A warmer light coming in from the left of the picture with a cooler light coming in from the right.


Mountain Landscape Digital Painting Study

I’ve been getting in some digital painting practice on mountain landscapes as I’m planning to put together a picture of a dark temple on a mountain for the first panel of my digital comic.

Here’s the final outcome:


And here are some in progress shots:

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Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 7

I was going to write some micro fiction tonight but decided to do some more work on Umia instead.  The micro fiction can wait until I’ve finished this piece I think.

Sorted her hands out a bit and made some more general refinements.

I still want to put a pattern on her dress though.