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Character Profile

Project ADC-1 Character Profile Sheet V2

September 22, 2015

Comics, Writing

After re-writing my plot and comic book script, I needed to update my character profiles.  I’ve included an organisation profile for The Acolytes Of Mymosule as well, they’re an unsavoury bunch!First name: Sylen Middle names: Family name: Benevolen Height: 184cm Weight: 80kg Hair Colour: Black-green Eye Colour: Green Skin Colour: Pale Build: Lean Posture: Age: 28 Attractiveness: Attractive Demeanor:  Sullen…


Page Added: Character Profile Template

July 29, 2015


I’ve just added a Character Profile Template page in the Writing section.  I designed this template specifically for use with comics so it has a number of visual elements.  If you find this useful, please feel free to copy and paste 🙂


Tried out a glazing technique where I applied acrylic paint in many translucent layers.

Over a year ago I was asked to do a painting during a church service. I failed to finish during the service so finished it off over the next year or so. Acrylics on canvas 30inches x 24inches.
#acrylicpainting #paintings #art #Christmas #baby #JesusChrist

Forging A Figure Drawing Process