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Crimson Crucible

Submission To Crimson Crucible 6: Spiderborn And Ravenred

November 6, 2016

Digital Art

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on a submission to an art challenge called The Crimson Crucible. Specifically, Crimson Crucible 6: Halloween Companions. The brief was basically to design two Halloween themed companions, one had to be humanoid and the other, non-humanoid. I used my comic project and picked out a couple of the…


Tried out a glazing technique where I applied acrylic paint in many translucent layers.

Over a year ago I was asked to do a painting during a church service. I failed to finish during the service so finished it off over the next year or so. Acrylics on canvas 30inches x 24inches.
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Forging A Figure Drawing Process