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Ruined Steampunk Factory Concept 1

September 13, 2015

Comics, Digital Art

Ruined Steampunk Factory Concept 1

Ruined Steampunk Factory Concept 1

I’ve been rolling ideas around inside my head and have settled upon a ruined steampunk factory as the site of the opening scene in my comic book project.

The next task in my comic book project is to do a concept picture of the ruined steampunk factory.  My approach so far has been as follows:

  1. Gather reference images.
  2. Watch YouTube videos of people doing ruined castle type environments.
  3. Try out a few rough digital paintings for myself (as seen above).

One thing I’ve noticed is that for environments, the pro’s seem to use many more layers.  This works pretty well when you’re going for an environment with mist and a distant background landscape.

After struggling to get a good brush stroke for the planetary rings in the painting above, I reckon I will model the rings in Blender and then combine with digital painting in Manga Studio.


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