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Digital Painting

Digital Painting of a Blonde Girl on a Dark Blue Background

March 2, 2018


I’ve been trying to power-up my painting skills with this digital painting of a blonde girl on a dark blue background.  Done in Clip Studio Paint.


Steampunk Soldier Digital Painting of Captain Atonis Trogade

November 26, 2015

Digital Art

This is a steampunk soldier digital painting in Gimp of Atonis Trogade, a Captain of the Suborean Guard and one of the characters from my digital comic project.  I’m not sure how steampunky this is though, I’d love to know what you think. Here was my process.


Dark Acolyte Digital Painting 2

November 10, 2015

Digital Art

This is version 2 of my dark acolyte concept.


Dark Acolyte Concept Digital Painting

November 5, 2015

Digital Art

Here’s a dark acolyte digital painting using Gimp. I’ve been using some of the techniques I’ve learned from These techniques were: Painting outside of the lines and then erasing back ( Using more layers when painting. Using the Free Select tool to limit the area affected by the paint brush (check out the M tattoo on his face).


Black Panther Digital Painting Practice

September 1, 2015

Digital Art

After taking 13 hours over my previous picture I thought I’d try out a faster technique.  This time I’ve missed out the line drawing stage and gone straight to digital painting.  I used a reference photo, Manga Studio and the Wacom Intuos3.  This black panther digital painting took 2 hours.  Next I will paint one with bat-wings and some armour!


Finished off this character design.
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Added some ambient lighting to this character design ... #art #digitalart #worldbuilding #characterdesign #dieselpunk #steampunk #digitapainting #gimpart

Added some flat colours to this guy.