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Project ADC-1: High Level Comic Book Plot V4

September 19, 2015

Comics, Writing

It didn’t feel that I’d given Benevolen enough time to camouflage himself inside the altar chamber so I’ve tried to pad out the scenes with the acolytes and Lady Umia. Also there was no reason for Kopath to be extra scary since I’m not going to get him to fight Benevolen.  So Kopath’s not a giant any more, just a menacing…


Project ADC-1: High Level Comic Book Plot V3

September 17, 2015

Comics, Writing

The original comic book plot did not reveal the things I wanted revealing about Sylen Benevolen so I’ve been reworking it.  Basically Benevolen is a stealth expert so I wanted to show some of his stealth capabilities. This is version 3: It is dusk, Captain Sylen Benevolen stands on a cliff edge with Iyeon his winged panther.  He is gazing…


Project ADC-1: 20 July 2015

July 20, 2015


I’ve been character designing and expanding on my digital comic plot which currently consists of a text file of 455 words.  Originally I’d estimated 1 hour for plotting, I’ve spent 6 hours on it already but I reckon I’m about done with the high level plotting now. One thing that I found really helpful during structuring my plot was Tim Stout’s article on Blake…


Project ADC-1: 14 July 2015

July 14, 2015


I’m still in the early stages of my digital comic project and I’ve already had to lower my sites from making a 30 page comic to a 20 page one.  Timescale is the overriding factor here. Most of the work has been done inside my head so far: Idea Brainstorming in my car to and from work. Drawing up a…


Plotting My Digital Comic In 1 Hour

June 2, 2015


One of my eventual aims with this website is to complete a digital comic and distribute it online.  However, I am still only in the planning stages.  I have been for several years! Searching for inspiration to help me get past the planning stages, I found an article by an author called M. D. Lachlan entitled “Plot your novel in an…


Finished off this character design.
#art #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #characterdesign #worldbuilding #steampunk #dieselpunk #gimpart

Added some ambient lighting to this character design ... #art #digitalart #worldbuilding #characterdesign #dieselpunk #steampunk #digitapainting #gimpart

Added some flat colours to this guy.