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Steampunk Bronze Logo

October 13, 2015

Digital Art

OK so here’s the logo. I’m gonna leave it at this because I’m in danger of spending a silly amount of time messing about with the settings in Blender. Below is the clockwork bump map image I made for this in Gimp: And here are the bronze material settings in Blender:


Logo Design V2

October 12, 2015

Digital Art

Here’s my 2nd logo design. I’m trying for a steampunk feel by going for a brass-like colour with clock-work type cog wheels. The 3D model was done in Blender and the cog wheel design was done in Gimp.


Blue Female Face Drawing Sketchbook Journal via @zazzle

I did this digital portrait drawing in Gimp 2.10 and then added to a pocket sketchbook cover design. via @zazzle

I've put another of my rabbit sketches onto a personalized mug: via @zazzle