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Hello, welcome to my humble abode:  In this region of the internet you will find the notes, sketchings and ramblings I make as I explore the process of making art and comicbooks.

Please come in and take a seat.  I’ll have my replicator make some fresh noodle soup for us and we can sit on my mountain-side veranda swapping thoughts on making art and comicbooks.

Character Profile: Artloader

Real Name:  Anh Diep
Height:  180 cm
Weight:  73 kg
Age:  Getting older everyday
Eye Colour:  Black
Hair Colour:  Black and grey
Profession:  Software Engineer by day Artloader by night
Follower Of:  Jesus Christ – “he had compassion on them” Mat 9:36
Art Experience Level:  Eternal Learner
Art Skills:
-Traditional Painting with Acrylic Paints
-Digital Painting with Clip Studio Paint
-Pencil Drawing
-Charcoal Drawing
-Pen Drawing
-Eating artistically
-Comicbook scripting
Favourite Food:  Pot Noodles
Favourite Comicbook:  Lazarus


  1. Erisian

    Nice site Artloader. It’s been good looking at your gallery.

    1. Anh

      Hey there Erisian, thanks for dropping by!

  2. Mick Rutherford

    Great work Anh! I’m equally impressed by your talent and your ability to carry off the unassuming role of a software tester while keeping this side of you secret for so many years.
    You have a genuine talent…
    I’ll be watching your work with interest and can’t wait to see what you produce next!

    1. Anh

      Mick! Hope you’re well mate :). Thanks for the kind words and I’m planning to make progress with my webcomic this year, I’ve already got a draft script ready but I need to re-write it for the 7th time!


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Finished off this character design.
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