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An excellent forum dedicated to Blender.  You can give and receive feedback on your Blender art as well as keep abreast of Blender news.


This site holds a wealth of useful information for any comics creator.  There are articles on all aspects of comics from creating through to the business of comics.  You can also submit your comic scripts for a free review.

Crimson Daggers

This art forum is home to an online community of artists from all walks of life but with one thing in common:  They all want to improve their art skills.  If you are serious about getting better at art, then you will find this corner of the internet a truly inspirational place.  If you feel like you’d like to join then you can either use my referral link (I don’t think I benefit in any way other than they know it was me who sent you there):  // or you can just head over under your own steam to


If you’re a digital painting beginner or hobbyist wishing to super-charge their digital painting skills, then this is just about the best website I have found.  Matt Kohr is an awesome digital artist and he has put together an absolute shed load of excellent video tutorials for free that provide an excellent learning path.

Creative Bloq

This is an awesome online magazine for keeping up to date with the latest digital art industry news.  There are frequent tutorial postings from top digital artists giving us their pearls of wisdom.

Digital Webbing Forums

A community dedicated to all aspects of making comics.  There is a lot of knowledge and experience on here.  Divided into sub-forums, this site also allows creators to showcase their own comics projects, art, colouring, lettering and writing.  An excellent site for comics creators.

Gimp Chat

A friendly place to hang out and chat with other Gimp users.  You can give and receive feedback on your Gimp art and learn some new Gimp techniques.  This is my favourite Gimp forum.

Mits’ Hobby Blog

This guy is a good friend of mine who’s just starting out with a general blog where he is sharing useful solutions to all kinds of problems.

The Chimney Rabbit

A good friend of mine who is sharing his adventures as a writer and a reader of books.  In March 2015 one of his stories won the Great War Dundee Children’s Book Prize Competition.


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Blue Female Face Drawing Sketchbook Journal via @zazzle

I did this digital portrait drawing in Gimp 2.10 and then added to a pocket sketchbook cover design. via @zazzle

I've put another of my rabbit sketches onto a personalized mug: via @zazzle