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Concept Art

eComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 2H

August 29, 2015

Comics, Digital Art

Added in the light tones, tidied up a bit and added a background with a brush tool set to watercolour. This picture has taken 14 hours in total due to me struggling with getting his legs right, changing my mind on him being topless to wearing a jacket and spending too long on the linework instead of getting straight down…


eComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 2F

August 24, 2015

Comics, Digital Art

After the blocking in of colour I’ve started adding in the shadows for my full body ecomic concept art picture of Benevolen. This picture has taken me 11 hours so far and has made me realise that my process is very inefficient.  I spent a lot of time adding details to the line drawing which is getting painted over anyway. I think what I…


eComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 2D

August 19, 2015

Comics, Digital Art

Further progress on my eComic Concept Art in Manga Studio.  I reckon I’ve finished the line work now, next will come the flat colours.


eComic Concept Art: Sylen Benevolen 2B

August 15, 2015

Comics, Digital Art

More eComic Concept Art.  I’m doing a full length concept of Sylen Benevolen now but I’m having a real battle with his legs.  I’ve redrawn them about 4 times, hence the time spent is now at 3 hours for this.


Blue Female Face Drawing Sketchbook Journal via @zazzle

I did this digital portrait drawing in Gimp 2.10 and then added to a pocket sketchbook cover design. via @zazzle

I've put another of my rabbit sketches onto a personalized mug: via @zazzle