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Dark Temple

Dark Temple Sketches 4

January 7, 2016

Digital Art

I tried to make the temple look like it was made of basalt (a dark volcanic rock apparently). I experimented with a new texturing process: Using a textured brush (one of Gimp’s built-in acrylic brushes), I painted onto a separate layer. Using the eraser tool on the texture layer, I cut the texture down to fit the shape of the…


Dark Temple Sketches 3

January 4, 2016

Digital Art

More Dark Temple Sketching tonight. Sketching in the lines from which the central tower is suspended: Then blocking in the base colour (the line layer is on top): Blocking in the shadows and highlights: Scaling the image up by 200% and then blending in the tones (I found that the best results were achieved when using the airbrush tool with…


Dark Temple Sketches 2

January 3, 2016

Digital Art

Picking up on my last post, I’ve started a more detailed drawing of the “central suspended tower” idea. First I put in some blue construction lines and then drew in part of the temple: I then duplicated this part twice using “Paste As New Layer” and then “Merge Down layer” in Gimp and erased a few unwanted lines: A few more construction lines helped…


Dark Temple Sketches

December 31, 2015

Digital Art

Staying with environments, my next painting will be of a dark temple.  This will be good preparation for illustrating the first panel of my digital comic. I’m starting with a few sketches where I’ve tried to let my imagination run wild. Out of the first 6 sketches, I’ve circled one that jumped out at me: I tried to follow this train…


Finished off this character design.
#art #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #characterdesign #worldbuilding #steampunk #dieselpunk #gimpart

Added some ambient lighting to this character design ... #art #digitalart #worldbuilding #characterdesign #dieselpunk #steampunk #digitapainting #gimpart

Added some flat colours to this guy.