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Box Modelling A Human Figure In Blender Experiment 1

October 25, 2015

Digital Art

I am now working on a concept picture of a Dark Acolyte Of Mymosule from my digital comic project.

However I am again experimenting with a different art process.  This time I want to try the following process:

  1. Create a rough 3D model in Blender.
  2. Rig the 3D model up in Blender so that I can place the 3D model in a pose.
  3. Render a basic scene from Blender.
  4. Import into Gimp and paint over the scene.

So to start this off I have been box modelling a human figure in Blender.

Beginning with a cube and using a mirror modifier so that I only have to model half of the figure, I extruded a basic humanoid shape:


After that I spent a fair amount of time adding edge loops and shaping the 3D mesh into a more detailed human figure:


Then I had to give some thought to the mesh topology for the chest and deltoid muscles, here’s the design I came up with:


After that I was able to further refine the anatomy:

3D human figure model

I’m out of steam for tonight so I’ll leave it there.  The next step will be to add facial features and the hands.



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