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Human Head Modelling In Blender

October 27, 2015

Digital Art

Continuing with my 3D model of the Dark Acolyte, tonight I’ve been human head modelling in Blender.

I’m not happy with his neck muscles but I will leave that and fix it later:

Neck Not Right

Moving onto the facial features, I punched holes into the mesh for the eyes and mouth and extruded them inwards (he was looking a bit bizarre here):

Hole Extrude and Scale

I tried to give him some proper lips and ears, but at this point I’d made a real dog’s dinner of his ears:

Dogs Dinner Ears

I decided to chop his old ears off and do him some new ones:


Slowly extruding and shaping the new ears (he’s an alien elf by the way):


Extruding and scaling outwards and then inwards again, giving the ears some thickness:


Extruding inwards and gradually finishing inside his ear canal:


Finally I added some more edge-loops to refine his eyes, nose and mouth (using a reference photo as a guide):

Refined eyes nose mouth

Time to call it a night now – got to push back against this sleep deprivation!


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