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Project ADC-1 Comic Book Script V3

November 17, 2015


This is version 3 of the comic book script for my digital comic project.  I’ve taken out the bit about rescuing the hedgehogs and also added some telepathic dialogue between Benevolen and his moths.

Page 1

Panel 1:
It is dusk.  The planetary rings are visible in the purple cloud-streaked sky.  Captain Sylen Benevolen is standing on a cliff edge with Iyeon, his winged black panther.  Helmet in hand, he is gazing across a mist filled abyss at the Dark Temple of Mymosule.  There is a green moth on his shoulder.

Panel 2:
Inside, Lady Umia is being carried down a corridor in a cage by the black garbed acolytes of Mymosule.  Lighting is provided by wooden torches.  The acolytes are armed with daggers and rifles.  On a wall, a green moth is watching.

Acolytes (chanting): Mym-mo-sule Mym-mo-sule Mym-mo-sule
Green moth (telepathically): Lady Umia is in danger, we need to help her quickly Sylen.

Panel 3:
Back outside on the cliff, Benevolen has donned his helmet and is climbing onto his winged panther.

Benevolen (telepathically): On our way.

Page 2

Panel 1:
Benevolen is flying on Iyeon out towards the tower with the swarm of moths flanking them like huge bat wings.  The mist is swirling in their wake.

Panel 2:
Inside the Dark Temple, the acolytes carrying Lady Umia have entered a circular, black altar chamber with a stone table at it’s centre.  The table has metal manacles bolted to it.  At one end of the table is a stand holding a curved black dagger.  There are around 100 acolytes surrounding the raised altar.  There are no windows and the only light comes from wooden torches on the walls and on 2 torch stands at the altar.

Panel 3:
Elsewhere in the Dark Temple, two acolytes armed with rifles are patrolling a torch-lit corridor.

Page 3

Panel 1:
The patrol enters a high-ceilinged, corridor.  There is a ledge above and behind them.

Panel 2:
The stone wall above and behind the patrol seems to be peeling away to reveal Benevolen and Iyeon as the chameleon-like moths that have been covering them disperse towards the flaming torches in the corridor.  Benevolen’s head and shoulders are visible and Iyeon’s piercing green eyes are visible amidst the dark muscular mass that is his frame.

Benevolen (telepathically): Extinguish the torches.

Panel 3:
The moths have smothered a couple of the torches, it is a little darker.  Benevolen and Iyeon have launched themselves off the ledge and are about to come crashing down on the two unsuspecting acolytes.

Page 4

Panel 1:
Back in the altar chamber, Lady Umia’s cage has been set down next to the stone table.  There are two large acolytes on either side of the cage.  Kopath the High Priest of Mymosule is holding the dagger up above his head.  A green moth is flying into the cage.

Kopath: Behold the dagger of Mymosule!

Panel 2:
Lady Umia is holding out the back of her hand and the green moth has landed upon it.  A slight smile plays on her lips.

Panel 3:
The cage is open and the two large acolytes have grabbed Lady Umia by the wrists and are pulling her towards the stone table.

Kopath: You should feel honoured young woman.  There is no greater reward than to be offered to Lord Mymosule!
Lady Umia: No!

Page 5

Panel 1:
At the entrance to the altar chamber swarms of moths are spewing forth from the darkened chamber beyond.  The moths are heading towards the flaming torches in the altar chamber.

Panel 2:
A swarm of moths have smothered a torch, it now emits nothing more than a faint orange glow.  There is still light from the other torches in the chamber.

Panel 3:
At the stone table, two swarms of moths have covered the torches on either side.  The acolytes are looking bewildered.  Lady Umia is smiling.

Kopath: What is this?

Page 6

Panel 1:
The whole altar chamber is now dark except for the faint orange glowing embers on some of the torches.

Panel 2:
It is pretty close to pitch black in the chamber now.
Random acolyte: Aaieeeeee!

Panel 3:
One of the acolytes starts shooting.  The flash from his gun illuminates a small area and we can see that he has hit one of his own kind.  In the near distance Iyeon carrying Benevolen appears as a large shadow above the acolytes, swooping towards the centre of the chamber.

Wounded acolyte: Aaaargh!

Page 7

Panel 1:
At the altar more muzzle flashes faintly reveal Benevolen and Iyeon dropping onto the two acolytes holding Umia.

Acolyte 1: Aaaargh!
Acolyte 2: Huuuuugh!

Panel 2:
A muzzle flash from another direction then reveals Benevolen sweeping Lady Umia off her feet.

Benevolen: It’s Sylen here, you will be safe soon Umia.

Panel 3:
Benevolen is astride Iyeon with Umia in his arms.  Iyeon is bounding down a corridor scattering the handful of acolytes in his way.  Behind them, the green moths are swarming around a couple of acolytes who are trying to take aim at Iyeon with their rifles.

Scattering acolytes: Aaaaaaah!

Page 8

Panel 1:
Iyeon with Benevolen and Umia on board has hurtled out of an arched window over the misty abyss.

Panel 2:
As Iyeon soars away from the Dark Temple, behind them an acolyte has appeared at the window and is taking aim with a rifle.

Panel 3:
The acolyte is suddenly enveloped by a swarm of moths.

Acolyte: Ummfff!

Page 9

Panel 1:
Flying through the purple dusk sky over forest covered ruins, Benevolen has removed his helmet.

Benevolen: It’s OK now Lady Umia, you are safe.
Umia: They were going to … I’m so glad you found me Sylen.

Panel 2:
We see a close up of Benevolen’s face.  He is looking straight ahead.

Benevolen: Your well being has always been my priority my Lady.  More than you know.

Panel 3:
Umia is looking up at Benevolen who is looking back.

Page 10

Panel 1:
Umia is looking away, Benevolen is still looking at Umia.

Umia: I am very fond of you Sylen but … you know I love Atonis.

Panel 2:
Umia is looking up at Benevolen, who is now looking straight ahead.

Benevolen: I understand my lady.  Captain Atonis is a good man.  I am sorry if I have spoken inappropriately.

Panel 3:
Umia is looking away, Benevolen is looking straight ahead.

Umia: You don’t have to apologise Captain Benevolen.

Page 11

Panel 1:
Arriving at the tree top city of Suborea, Iyeon is swooping down towards a giant bough.  Captain Atonis is running towards them.

Atonis: Umia!

Panel 2:
Benevolen stands beside Iyeon and watches Atonis carry Umia away in his arms.

Panel 3:
Atonis turns his head slightly and calls over his shoulder to Benevolen.

Atonis: Thank you Captain Benevolen.
Benevolen: Don’t mention it.

Page 12

Panel 1:
It is around noon in an open air chapel high in the Suborean tree tops.  Umia and Atonis stand facing each other with a priest stood over them.  Friends and family are stood watching the wedding ceremony.  At the back Benevolen is watching.

Priest: Do you, Lady Umia Yulon, take Captain Atonis Trogade to be your husband?
Umia: I do.

Panel 2:
Later, in his quarters, Benevolen is packing his leather saddle bags.

Panel 3:
It is again dusk, the planetary rings are visible in the purple sky as Benevolen flies on Iyeon over the forest covered ruins flanked by his green moths.


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