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Sandstone Ruins Digital Painting In Gimp

December 21, 2015

Digital Art

Sandstone Ruins Digital Painting

Sandstone Ruins Digital Painting

I’ve been trying to level-up my environment painting skills with this digital painting of some sandstone ruins.

The process I followed was built upon the small canvas approach I experimented with during my last post.

  1. I started with a small canvas (638 x 309 pixels) and painted the sky on it’s own layer and then the distant background on it’s own layer: RuinsPaint1
  2. Next I blocked in the foreground: RuinsPaint2
  3. Still on the small canvas, I built up some detail: RuinsPaint6
  4. Then I scaled the whole image up by 300%  to 1914 x 927 pixels to add more detail.  This is where putting in some effort to find the right textured brush saved me a bit of effort: RuinsPaint7Scaled300PercentMedium
  5. I worked me way around the image gradually building up detail until I was happy to call the painting finished: RuinsPaint8Medium


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