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Stone Building Digital Painting In Gimp

December 26, 2015

Digital Art

Stone Building Digital Painting

Stone Building Digital Painting

Here’s that stone building digital painting completed in Gimp.  I learned a few things about painting stonework in this one.

I’ve described my bumbling digital painting process below:

  1. For this I loosely followed a reference photo:
  2. I started with a small canvas (700×525 pixels) and worked at 50% zoom to put in a basic sky: StoneBuilding1_1Sky700x525
  3. Still working small, I put in a basic cloud layer: StoneBuilding1_2Clouds700x525
  4. Next I added a layer for the distant landscape: StoneBuilding1_3DistantLand700x525
  5. Then a layer for the near landscape: StoneBuilding1_4NearGround700x525
  6. A layer for blocking in the stone building colours: StoneBuilding1_5TowerBlockIn
  7. In order to add detail I then scaled the whole image up by 300% and used a combination of free-hand painting, Gimp’s Free Select Tool and duplication of details: StoneBuilding1_9DuplicatingDetails
  8. Further use of the Free Select Tool to render the doorway: StoneBuilding1_10FreeSelectArchway
  9. Then some lines to suggest the seams in the stonework: StoneBuilding1_11WIP
  10. Another layer for lighter coloured stone blocks: StoneBuilding1_12LighterBricks
  11. Then I added some texture using Gimp’s “Acrylic2” brush: StoneBuilding1_13TextureBrushAcrylic2
  12. And finished off by adding more detail to the background and clouds:

    Stone Building Digital Painting

    Stone Building Digital Painting


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