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Under the Mountain and Other Stories

August 6, 2018


About 2 years ago, my author friend John Fulton asked me collaborate with him on a self publishing project.  He had written 8 short stories and needed some illustrations to go with them.

Now at the time John had just won an award for his writing and had had a book (The Wreck of the Argyll) published off the back of it so I was thrilled and honoured.

Having never tackled an art project of this magnitude before, I promised myself that I would treat this as a proper business venture, and be a real professional about it.  Of course I promptly fell prey to a massive spell of procrastination.  It took me around 8 months to complete the first illustration!

This is one of the reasons why, as I sit here typing this, I still can’t quite believe that our book is available for sale on Amazon at this very minute!

This project has been a fantastic learning experience for me, teaching me the importance of a defined workflow and of breaking work down into smaller and smaller chunks in order to beat procrastination.

I want to publicly thank John for his patience and hard work in writing the stories in the first place and in handling the Amazon side of things.  John, it’s been an absolute pleasure mate!

If anyone buys this book – thank you and I hope you enjoy John’s stories as much as I did.  There are some brilliant twists and turns.

Where to buy:

Amazon UK (Also on Kindle)

Amazon US (Also on Kindle)


  1. Steve

    Fantastic. Amazing design!

    1. Anh

      Thank you Steve! Nice of you to drop by :).


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