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Getting The Smudge Tool Working In Gimp 2.10

August 20, 2020

Digital Art, Sketching

I have been meaning to take Gimp 2.10 out for a spin for a while now and finally got around to it by doing a few rabbit sketches.

My first attempt felt a bit clunky, I used the Paintbrush tool to do the line drawing and was not entirely satisfied with the result.  The lines didn’t feel like pencil marks to me.

I also got stuck with the Smudge tool – I could not get it to work even after reading this post on Gimp Chat that advised me to set the Flow slider to 0 like this:

When I tried to use the Smudge tool nothing would happen – not a mark was made!

Eventually I realised that the tool’s Opacity Slider was set to 0 so I tried setting it to 50% and bingo!  I had arrived in Smudgehaven!

Here’s the first sketch where I used the Paintbrush tool to do the line drawing:

I decided to put it up for sale on a Zazzle mug:

Cute Bunny Rabbit Tilting It's Head Coffee Mug
Cute Bunny Rabbit Tilting It’s Head Coffee Mug
by Artloader

For the second sketch, I tweaked the brush dynamics and used the Pencil tool with the “Acrylic 01” brush.  The lines in this feel much more like pencil strokes to me:

Lop-eared rabbit line drawing coffee mug
Lop-eared rabbit line drawing coffee mug
by Artloader

In this third sketch I used the Ink tool at full opacity to block in the shapes and then went to town with the Smudge tool:

Lop-Eared Rabbit Sitting Up On Blue Background Coffee Mug
Lop-Eared Rabbit Sitting Up On Blue Background Coffee Mug
by Artloader


  1. Mel

    I”ve tried 5 other walkthroughs to fix this issue. Reset everything to default, uninstalled and reinstalled Gimp. YOUR Page fixed it!!!! thank you so much.

  2. Anh

    Glad you found it useful Mel, happy smudging!


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