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Micro Fiction: Umia Yulon Audio Journal 1

April 1, 2016

Comics, Writing

In an attempt to flesh out my comic book characters a bit more I’m going to write some quick micro fiction about them. This piece is supposed to be an audio journal entry from Umia as she is out riding on Torina, her winged panther. The Audio Journal Of Lady Umia Yulon Date: Wutanday 17th Ortumum 7117 Time: 06:13 hours…


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 8

March 31, 2016

Digital Art

OK I’ve finished off re-designing Umia by adding some patterns to her dress. Here she is, Lady Umia Yulon, professional winged panther racer from Suborea!


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 7

March 30, 2016

Digital Art

I was going to write some micro fiction tonight but decided to do some more work on Umia instead.  The micro fiction can wait until I’ve finished this piece I think. Sorted her hands out a bit and made some more general refinements. I still want to put a pattern on her dress though.


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 6

March 28, 2016


Back to the Umia re-design. I’ve added in some tones and a few details. Still need to sort out her hands and add some patterns to her dress.


My ADC-1 Comic Book Script V4 – Dissected At ComixTribe

March 26, 2016


I resubmitted the 4th iteration of my comic book script to the guys at ComixTribe and as expected, it came back with some areas for improvement. I highly recommend this free service as personally I am learning loads from following the weekly critiques. Time for me to digest and improve. You can read the article on ComixTribe here. And follow…


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 5

March 25, 2016

Digital Art

More work on my Umia re-design. I’ve blocked in the colours and faded out the construction lines a bit.


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 4

March 24, 2016

Digital Art

OK enough research!  I’m diving into the final picture. Here’s the line drawing so far: Not sure about her boots though.  Too rugged?


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 3

March 23, 2016

Digital Art

Still redesigning Umia. I’ve changed her face and played about with some steampunk style goggles.


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 2

March 20, 2016

Digital Art

I’ve been doing some more work on re-designing Lady Umia. Refining the sketch of her face a bit more: And experimenting with a possible pose and dress designs:


Lady Umia Yulon V2 Redesign Part 1

March 18, 2016

Digital Art

I’m redesigning Lady Umia from my digital comic project as she was a bit too “action girl” and not enough “Lady”. To get my brain in gear I’m doing some sketches. A possible dress: A potential face and hair style:


Blue Female Face Drawing Sketchbook Journal via @zazzle

I did this digital portrait drawing in Gimp 2.10 and then added to a pocket sketchbook cover design. via @zazzle

I've put another of my rabbit sketches onto a personalized mug: via @zazzle