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Basalt Island Digital Painting Study Part 3

January 16, 2016

Digital Art


I wasn’t happy with the basalt rock so I watched a few tutorials by Shaddy Safadi (this guy is awesome) and then went back to the blocking in stage and started again from there.

  1. Initial block-in: BasaltIsland1B

2. Blocking in the accents:  BasaltIsland2B

3. Using Lock Alpha Channel with a textured brush (Acrylic 2) to give the accents some texture: BasaltIsland3B

4. Blocking in the highlights: BasaltIsland4B

5. Locking Alpha Channel and using a textured brush on the highlights: BasaltIsland5B

6. I tried to add a bit more texture to the accents layer with a large textured brush and a selection around the rock island only: BasaltIsland6B


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