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Project ADC-1: High Level Comic Book Plot V3

September 17, 2015

Comics, Writing

The original comic book plot did not reveal the things I wanted revealing about Sylen Benevolen so I’ve been reworking it.  Basically Benevolen is a stealth expert so I wanted to show some of his stealth capabilities.

This is version 3:

It is dusk, Captain Sylen Benevolen stands on a cliff edge with Iyeon his winged panther.  He is gazing across a mist filled abyss at a dark temple.

Inside, Lady Umia the maiden is being carried through a corridor in a black cage by the acolytes of Mymosule. Lighting is provided by wooden torches. A green moth watches.

Back outside a large swarm of Benevolen’s green moths is returning to him after he sent them in to recon.

Benevolen holds out the back of his hand.

The moths land on Benevolen, covering everything except for his head.

Benevolen nods.

The moths take off swarming about him.

Two hedgehogs are crawling up a nearby ridge. A mother and baby. The baby falls onto it’s back and cannot get back up.

Benevolen puts on his helmet.

He bends down to help the baby hedgehog.

Benevolen climbs onto his winged panther and flies across towards the dark temple, flanked by his moths like some huge batwing.

Inside, Lady Umia is still being carried in the cage by the acolytes of Mymosule. Kopath the high priest of Mymosule is leading them. We see how huge Kopath is (twice the height of a normal man). A green moth watches.

The acolytes are armed with knives and a few even have rifles.

A green moth flies into Lady Umia’s cage.

She notices it and hold’s out her hand.

The moth lands on it.

She smiles.

Kopath enters a large torch lit altar chamber followed by the 4 acolytes carrying Umia in the cage.

Suddenly Benevolen and Iyeon seem to materialise from a ledge above and behind the acolytes as the moths that have been camouflaging them disperse.

Some of the moths swarm around the acolytes whilst others smother the torches with their moth webs. It gets very dark and the acolytes start panicking and shouting.

Benevolen and Iyeon take down the 4 cage bearers.

In the dark the other acolytes fire their guns blindly hitting their own kind.

Benevolen (who can see in the dark via his empathic link with his moths) frees Umia and lifts her off her feet.

He climbs onto Iyeon.

<Maybe Benevolen gets wounded and has a big fight with Kopath here>

Iyeon flies them up and out of the giant arched windows above.

Flying through the dusk sky over forest covered ruins, Benevolen removes his helmet and reassures Lady Umia.

Lady Umia thanks Captain Benevolen for rescuing her.

Benevolen is on the edge of confessing his love for her but says something that only half reveals his feelings.

Lady Umia guesses what Benevolen’s true feelings are but says that she is sorry but she loves Captain Atonis.

Benevolen apologises for speaking out of turn.

They arrive back at Suborea where Umia’s fiancee Captain Atonis rushes over and carries her away.

He thanks Benevolen over his shoulder.

A few days later Benevolen is watching at Lady Umia and Captain Atonis’ wedding.

Hurting inside, Benevolen packs his bags and leaves Suborea.

It is again dusk as he flies out over the apocalyptic ruins in the forest.


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