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Steampunk Soldier Digital Painting of Captain Atonis Trogade

November 26, 2015

Digital Art

Captain Atonis Trogade Digital Painting

Captain Atonis Trogade Digital Painting

This is a steampunk soldier digital painting in Gimp of Atonis Trogade, a Captain of the Suborean Guard and one of the characters from my digital comic project.  I’m not sure how steampunky this is though, I’d love to know what you think.

Here was my process.

  1. I started with a very rough construction sketch:
Atonis Trogade Construction Sketch

Atonis Trogade Construction Sketch

2. Then I spent a fair amount of time on the line-work:

Atonis Trogade Line Work

Atonis Trogade Line Work

3. Then I blocked in the colours and used Gimp’s Perspective Tool to orientate the bronze logos as required (I did try the Cage Transform tool but this caused my logo to fragment for some reason):

Atonis Trogade Colour Blocking

Atonis Trogade Colour Blocking

4. Finally I finished off with the detailed shading making extensive use of the Lock Alpha Channel feature in Gimp.


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Finished off this character design.
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Added some ambient lighting to this character design ... #art #digitalart #worldbuilding #characterdesign #dieselpunk #steampunk #digitapainting #gimpart

Added some flat colours to this guy.